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New Tablet, and news on what I'm currently up to.

2008-05-06 13:29:19 by FaltaViva

Hey guys, just letting you know that I now have my new tablet, and with that am continuing my projects!

My projects so far are:

1 original project
1 musical project
1 original/parody project
1 official project
1 collab piece
1 personal piece

and a few more that aren't 100 % right now.

So yeah, busy busy I be, but I hope to get some stuff out to you guys soon!


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2008-05-16 14:10:53

looking foward to your future work. any more resi parodies on the way

FaltaViva responds:

In the future yes. I honestly plan on doing RE THREE after all of these are done. (sop I'd say next year the latest)


2008-05-25 12:31:55

cool. What about Resident Evil TOO

FaltaViva responds:

That'll be done also, the script is actually written, but I want to spit these out in an unorganized manor.


2008-06-02 14:52:35

You gonna play and complete RE5 and then make parody

FaltaViva responds:

It all depends, RE 5 isn't exactly peaking my interest lately.


2008-06-19 16:16:46

oh sweet theres gonna be a three!!


2008-06-26 20:57:28

ummm... tottally random but whats the song on resident evil foar when he shoots the guy ad kills everybody in the begining?

FaltaViva responds:

Reel Big Mario (or something like that)

Check OCRemix for it, under Super Mario Land.


2008-07-16 21:10:33

what kind of tablet did you get?

FaltaViva responds:

The Wacom Bamboo. It's small, but does what it's supposed to.