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Mega Man Dub + More

2008-09-06 01:46:55 by FaltaViva

Alright, so I got bored and dubbed the first episode of Mega Man. It's kind of a dub...and kind of a YouTube poop. (yet lesser of the latter)

Link: Vzng

(I apologize in advance, I was bored as hell)

As for what I'm doing...well honestly the animation front isn't doing too well. I had to get a new budget computer and it only has a generic graphic card that came with the mother board. In other words, this thing chugs when FireFox has more than two tabs open, so Flash is a mess.

Hopefully I'll be able to buy a cheap graphic card soon and get back to animating, as for now, I'm kind of fucked.

And for the hell of it: A picture of Venusaur.

Mega Man Dub + More


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2008-09-06 15:18:16

lmao. very funny stuff right there. I liked the part where they fucked someone and he was bleeding XD


2008-09-06 16:38:35

it was acutally kind of funny that but sex scene was funny but kind of creepy


2008-11-27 18:30:42