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Regarding YouTube...

2008-12-12 14:34:57 by FaltaViva

Alright, a lot of people have been doubting which account is mine on YouTube and I'm here to put it to rest.

That is my YouTube account. Anything on there is uploaded by ME, and only me.


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2009-01-20 14:48:13

Why didn't Psycho Mantis just look into the future and look for the answer? WHYY!?

FaltaViva responds:

Because he can't see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch


2009-01-21 20:51:26

Yeah, sure it is, sure, I'm definitely gonna believe you


2009-01-27 21:48:14

Well you see he can only see the future, past, present but Solid Snake did a good job in distracting psycho mantis by using the "Can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch" Genius.

BTW great animation on all flashes and great comedy too.

FaltaViva responds:

Thanks man, I always appreciate it.


2009-01-29 19:56:02

No problem, On your info it says you hope to be a "real" animator. Well looking at the work you've made I think in my opinion you are a real animator. For starters, the animation is greatly detailed and there is some great backround animation. As well as brilliant color on and animating the movement of the characters. If you ask me that's the stuff that forges a real animator. Keep up the good work and who knows? You may become an animator for television.


2009-03-21 23:56:02

Hey man i got to tell yeah I just wrote a review for you "& so we love playstation" and I made a typo. I put "And the animation was bad" I meant to put it wasn't bad. Oops. Thought i apologize for that


2009-06-02 16:21:51

dude, you have to tell me, what animation do you use because, YOU'RE SO FUCKKKIINNNGGGG AWESOME.... it was so genious that quagmire would apperar in resideant evil four