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Something that really needs to be addressed.

2008-02-27 13:29:14 by FaltaViva

As many of you may, or may not know, All of my movies are VERY similar to the widely popular Awesome series by Egoraptor, and you are all right, they are indeed very similar. The thing is, I'm not TRYING to make it look like Ego's work, I'm not trying to bite off of his style, and I'm not trying to be the "Next Egoraptor".

This IS my style. It always has been, and though it doesn't look as clean or sharp as I'd like it to be, I have always had that style of sketchy/crappy art, the one major difference between my art and Ego's is that he "Draws badly" (So says he :p) on purpose, I just suck at drawing in Flash :p

Anyway, I'm not asking you guys to love my work, I'm not even asking you to LIKE it, but please, STOP saying that I'm ripping off of Ego, I am NOT, and I'm not trying to.

Thanks for listening.



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2008-02-27 13:55:26

Half the population of the planet draws like this. It's called not being very good. Does that mean you suck? No, not at all, it just means you have a way to go.

Anyway, I believe you're not ripping Egoraptor off. Egoraptor did not invent bad drawings.


2008-02-27 14:54:54

Very true.


2008-02-27 16:06:31

I don't even know who ego is! >.<


2008-02-27 17:28:58

Although I made a review earlier in your flash movie about it's "another awesome" I don't really mean it literally. It is your own style and the jokes are actually quite distinct. So if I was you I wouldn't worry about yourself being similar to Egoraptor.

Wow, what's with everyone saying "Egoraptor this" "Egoraptor that" around here lately :P

FaltaViva responds:

No I didn't mean people like you :p

I meant those who were giving me a hard time because I was apparently trying to be the next Ego.


2008-02-27 21:51:49

You are not ripping off Ego. You are using your own jokes and you are not using the word "Awesome" in any of your titles... Your movies are great and I am a fan of both you and Ego... You have a great ideas for a flash and you also have great voice acting in your flashes, keep it up...


2008-02-28 07:34:42

Ever since Metal Gear Awesome 2 came out, everyone's been bashing Egoraptor's movies and anything even the least bit similar. >:(