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Predicaments be predicamented! (Yes, I can make up words dammit)

2008-02-29 13:52:39 by FaltaViva

I've been thinking lately about what movie to do next. Majority would say I should just finish up and do the remaining Resident Evil games, but wouldn't that just make me..."TEH RE FLASH GUY" ? Do I really want a title like that hanging over me for a while? No, not really. So to put it simply, this is how it's going to go down.

Yes, RE TOO, Will be coming, but not soon. I have two other projects in the works, that sadly have been suffering from a crapload of delays, and must be completed FIRST, so don't be expecting anything RE related until Summer at it's soonest. (Sorry)

BUT! I'm more than happy to advise, that these upcoming projects are (wait for it...)

ORIGINAL projects.


That's right, NOT parodies! Can you believe it?! What are they you ask, well, you'll just have to wait and see ;)



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2008-03-02 00:34:50

hmm im so excited i love your work! and thanks again for the autograph my #1 animator! =3

p.s. i hung your autograph on my wall above my bed. lol lol lol =3


2008-03-04 12:37:48

I'll be looking forward to some new stuff from you. Oh, and the next RE thing. Don't think I'm calling you 'The RE Guy', or anything, but they're just so damn funny...
..Yeah. I will lurk untill then.
-- Kahrne Annabelle Lee


2008-03-07 16:02:34

Yeah dude, I'm kindof a noob but im still fascinated by all of u animators !!!
don't worry, I'll be one in a not so distant future ;P

PS red+green= redgreen lol !