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Another Resident Evil parody is coming at you today, though it's quite different from RE FOAR! While RE Foar included a lot of Memes and random parodies, this one sticks purely to the game, and therefore unless you were one of the people that actually played Resident Evil, you most likely WON'T get the jokes, and for that I apologize.

I'm telling you all now though, that this is NOT as well thought out as RE Foar, this was actually based on a comic I made within 20 minutes, but it got some laughs so I decided to just do it. (Not to mention I actually MADE BACKGROUNDS OMG WTF?!)

Anyway, I'm going to be launching it around Noon (EDST) so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Welcome to my new home!

2007-12-12 14:55:49 by FaltaViva

First of all, I know that very few of you may know me at all, but to (if I'm lucky) of you that care, I have recently changed my username, due to the crap that it was.

I was previously known as Max-Silver-Hamster (Horrible ain't it?)

It was meant to be a parody of the Beatles song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", but due to Newgrounds character limit, I couldn't fit it all, so for SOME reason, I thought that was a good alternative. (lolwut?)

Anywho, I shall be trekking onward with this name, and a new movie is coming soon, so look forward to that. (Or not, most likely not :p)

Thanks for listening.