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This is what happens when you're home and sick.


2009-07-05 09:59:53 by FaltaViva


I am alive, don't worry!

2009-06-07 00:27:23 by FaltaViva

Well...not that you guys actually care. But anyway, yes I am alive, I'm sorry for not being more active on here, and to the... .5 of you that care, material IS on the way. I've kinda gone through an animating slump. but I'm back and hopefully better than ever!

Regarding YouTube...

2008-12-12 14:34:57 by FaltaViva

Alright, a lot of people have been doubting which account is mine on YouTube and I'm here to put it to rest.

That is my YouTube account. Anything on there is uploaded by ME, and only me.

Mega Man Dub + More

2008-09-06 01:46:55 by FaltaViva

Alright, so I got bored and dubbed the first episode of Mega Man. It's kind of a dub...and kind of a YouTube poop. (yet lesser of the latter)

Link: Vzng

(I apologize in advance, I was bored as hell)

As for what I'm doing...well honestly the animation front isn't doing too well. I had to get a new budget computer and it only has a generic graphic card that came with the mother board. In other words, this thing chugs when FireFox has more than two tabs open, so Flash is a mess.

Hopefully I'll be able to buy a cheap graphic card soon and get back to animating, as for now, I'm kind of fucked.

And for the hell of it: A picture of Venusaur.

Mega Man Dub + More

Hey guys, just letting you know that I now have my new tablet, and with that am continuing my projects!

My projects so far are:

1 original project
1 musical project
1 original/parody project
1 official project
1 collab piece
1 personal piece

and a few more that aren't 100 % right now.

So yeah, busy busy I be, but I hope to get some stuff out to you guys soon!

(Well actually, it's been dead for about...a week)

Yes indeedy, my tablet has finally kicked the bucket, putting a pause to my projects. :(

(Woe is me, I'm hurting, emo, etc.)

But here's the good news: I'm getting a new tablet, and that baby is 10x6 inches, WOOT! So hopefully, that'll bring my art up a tad. :p

Here's hoping,


I've been thinking lately about what movie to do next. Majority would say I should just finish up and do the remaining Resident Evil games, but wouldn't that just make me..."TEH RE FLASH GUY" ? Do I really want a title like that hanging over me for a while? No, not really. So to put it simply, this is how it's going to go down.

Yes, RE TOO, Will be coming, but not soon. I have two other projects in the works, that sadly have been suffering from a crapload of delays, and must be completed FIRST, so don't be expecting anything RE related until Summer at it's soonest. (Sorry)

BUT! I'm more than happy to advise, that these upcoming projects are (wait for it...)

ORIGINAL projects.


That's right, NOT parodies! Can you believe it?! What are they you ask, well, you'll just have to wait and see ;)


Something that really needs to be addressed.

2008-02-27 13:29:14 by FaltaViva

As many of you may, or may not know, All of my movies are VERY similar to the widely popular Awesome series by Egoraptor, and you are all right, they are indeed very similar. The thing is, I'm not TRYING to make it look like Ego's work, I'm not trying to bite off of his style, and I'm not trying to be the "Next Egoraptor".

This IS my style. It always has been, and though it doesn't look as clean or sharp as I'd like it to be, I have always had that style of sketchy/crappy art, the one major difference between my art and Ego's is that he "Draws badly" (So says he :p) on purpose, I just suck at drawing in Flash :p

Anyway, I'm not asking you guys to love my work, I'm not even asking you to LIKE it, but please, STOP saying that I'm ripping off of Ego, I am NOT, and I'm not trying to.

Thanks for listening.


RE WUN's problem is now fixed!

2008-01-29 14:51:10 by FaltaViva